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calligraphyxiāomiserable; desolate; dreary; Chinese mugwort  
calligraphyàiChinese mugwort or wormwood; to stop or cut short; phonetic "ai" or "i"; abbr. for 艾滋病, AIDS  
calligraphy华侨華僑huá qiáooverseas Chinese; (in a restricted sense) Chinese emigrant who still retains Chinese nationality  
calligraphy华裔華裔huá yìethnic Chinese; non-Chinese citizen of Chinese ancestry  
calligraphy艾叶艾葉ài yèmugwort leaf (TCM); Folium Artemisiae argyi  
calligraphykuíone-legged mountain demon of Chinese mythology; Chinese mythical figure who invented music and dancing; Chinese rain god; surname Kui  
calligraphy国语國語guó yǔChinese language (Mandarin), emphasizing its national nature; Chinese as a primary or secondary school subject; Chinese in the context of the Nationalist Government; Guoyu, book of historical narrative c. 10th-5th century BC  
calligraphy艾草艾草ài cǎoAsian mugwort or wormwood (genus Artemesia)  
calligraphy艾炭艾炭ài tàncarbonized mugwort leaf (TCM); Folium Artemisiae argyi carbonisatum  
calligraphy中文中文zhōng wénChinese; Chinese written language; Chinese writing  
calligraphy艾叶炭艾葉炭ài yè tàncarbonized mugwort leaf (used in TCM); Folium Artemisiae argyi carbonisatum  
calligraphy艾蒿艾蒿ài hāomugwort (Artemisia)  
calligraphy艾实艾實ài shímugwort fruit (TCM); also called fruit of argyi wormwood; Fructus Artemisiae argyi  
calligraphy峇峇娘惹峇峇娘惹bā bā niáng rěPeranakan Chinese (Baba-Nyonya), an ethnic group of Chinese residing in the Malay peninsula (also known as Straits Chinese)  
calligraphy国学國學guó xuéChinese national culture; studies of ancient Chinese civilization; the Imperial College (history)  
calligraphy艾叶油艾葉油ài yè yóumugwort leaf oil (TCM); also called wormwood leaf oil; Oleum folii Artemisiae argyi  
calligraphynánvariant of 楠, Machilus nanmu; Chinese cedar; Chinese giant redwood  
calligraphy汉化漢化hàn huàChinese localization; to convert sth into Chinese  
calligraphy中医中醫zhōng yītraditional Chinese medical science; a doctor trained in Chinese medicine  
calligraphy汉文漢文hàn wénChinese written language; Chinese literature esp. as taught abroad  

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