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calligraphy芡粉芡粉qiàn fěncornstarch; powder made from Gorgon fruit  
calligraphy芡实芡實qiàn shíGorgon fruit; Semen euryales (botany)  
calligraphy鸡头米雞頭米jī tóu mǐGorgon fruit; Semen euryales (botany)  
calligraphyqiànGorgon plant; fox nut (Gorgon euryale or Euryale ferox); makhana (Hindi)  
calligraphyròumeat; flesh; pulp (of a fruit); (coll.) (of a fruit) squashy; (of a person) flabby; irresolute  
calligraphy龙眼龍眼lóng yǎnlongan fruit; dragon eye fruit; Dimocarpus longan (botany)  
calligraphy艾实艾實ài shímugwort fruit (TCM); also called fruit of argyi wormwood; Fructus Artemisiae argyi  
calligraphy苌楚萇楚cháng chǔplant mentioned in Book of Songs, uncertainly identified as carambola or star fruit (Averrhoa carambola); kiwi fruit  
calligraphy瓜果瓜果guā guǒfruit (plural sense); melons and fruit  
calligraphy火龙果火龍果huǒ lóng guǒred pitaya; dragon fruit; dragon pearl fruit (genus Hylocereus)  
calligraphy果实累累果實累累guǒ shí lěi lěiprodigious abundance of fruit (idiom); fruit hangs heavy on the bow; fertile  
calligraphyjiēto bear fruit; to produce; firm; solid  
calligraphyshíreal; true; honest; really; solid; fruit; seed; definitely  
calligraphy黄简黃簡huáng jiǎnWrigley's Juicy Fruit (brand)  
calligraphy干货乾貨gān huòdry goods; dried fruit, nuts etc  
calligraphy莲雾蓮霧lián wùwax apple (a reddish pear-shaped fruit)  
calligraphy果实果實guǒ shífruit; gains  
calligraphylàocurdled milk or fruit juice; also pr.  
calligraphy果蝇果蠅guǒ yíngfruit fly  
calligraphy采果採果cǎi guǒfruit picking  

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