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calligraphy古义古義gǔ yìancient meaning; original or etymological meaning of a word  
calligraphy内涵意义內涵意義nèi hán yì yìimplied meaning; intended meaning; the logical content of a word or technical notion  
calligraphy望文生义望文生義wàng wén shēng yìlit. view a text and interpret (idiom); to interpret word-by-word without understanding the meaning; a far-fetched interpretation  
calligraphy词义詞義cí yìmeaning of a word  
calligraphy虚词虛詞xū cíword having grammatical function but no meaning  
calligraphy含义含義hán yìmeaning (implicit in a phrase); implied meaning; hidden meaning; hint; connotation  
calligraphy词意詞意cí yìmeaning of word; sense  
calligraphy比喻义比喻義bǐ yù yìfigurative meaning (of a word)  
calligraphy引申引申yǐn shēnto extend (the meaning of a word, an analogy etc); derivation  
calligraphy格斯塔格斯塔gé sī tǎGestalt (loanword); coherent whole; technical word used in psychology meaning the whole is more than the sum of its parts; holistic; integrated; total  
calligraphy释义釋義shì yìthe meaning of sth; an explanation of the meaning of words or phrases; definition; an interpretation (of doctrine); religious doctrine  
calligraphy复词複詞fù cícompound word; polysyllabic word  
calligraphy单纯词單純詞dān chún cí(linguistics) single-morpheme word; simple word  
calligraphy断章取义斷章取義duàn zhāng qǔ yìlit. to take meaning from cut segment (idiom); to interpret out of context; to focus attention on one phrase without regard to the meaning of the whole piece  
calligraphy复音词複音詞fù yīn cídisyllabic word; polysyllabic word  
calligraphy禁语禁語jìn yǔtaboo (word); unmentionable word  
calligraphy生词生詞shēng cínew word (in textbook); word that is unfamiliar or not yet studied  
calligraphy话里有话話裡有話huà lǐ yǒu huàto have hidden meaning; implication; more than just the apparent meaning; something hinted  
calligraphy异文異文yì wénvariant character; loan word; variant written form (for the same word); different edition  
calligraphy多音节词多音節詞duō yīn jié cípolysyllabic word; Chinese word made up of three or more characters  

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