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calligraphy青苔青苔qīng táimoss; lichen  
calligraphy苔藓苔蘚tái xiǎnmoss  
calligraphy发菜髮菜fà càilong thread moss (Nostoc flagelliforme), an edible algae; also called faat choy or hair moss  
calligraphy石蕊石蕊shí ruǐreindeer moss; litmus (chemistry)  
calligraphyxiǎnmoss; lichen; moss on damp walls; used erroneously for  
calligraphy藓苔蘚苔xiǎn táimoss  
calligraphy银苔銀苔yín táimoss silver; silver in the form of fibers or branches  
calligraphy幽绿幽綠yōu lǜmoss green; dark sea green  
calligraphy垣衣垣衣yuán yīmoss under old walls  
calligraphy泥炭藓泥炭蘚ní tàn xiǎnmatted sphagnum moss (Sphagnum palustre)  
calligraphy隐花植物隱花植物yǐn huā zhí wùCryptogamae; cryptogamous plant (botany); plants such as algae 藻类, moss 苔藓 and fern 蕨类 that reproduce by spores 孢ड  

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