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calligraphy成语成語chéng yǔChinese set expression, often made up of 4 characters or two couplets of 4 characters each, often alluding to a story or historical quotation; idiom; proverb; saying; adage; set expression  
calligraphy俗语俗語sú yǔcommon saying; proverb; colloquial speech  
calligraphy谚语諺語yàn yǔproverb  
calligraphy俗话俗話sú huàcommon saying; proverb  
calligraphy俗话说俗話說sú huà shuōas the proverb says; as they say...  
calligraphy古谚古諺gǔ yànancient proverb; old saying  
calligraphy久病成医久病成醫jiǔ bìng chéng yī(proverb) a long illness makes the patient into a doctor  
calligraphy良禽择木良禽擇木liáng qín zé mùa fine bird chooses a tree to nest in (proverb); fig. a talented person chooses a patron of integrity  
calligraphy俗谚俗諺sú yàncommon saying; proverb  
calligraphy民谚民諺mín yànfolk saying; proverb  
calligraphy俚谚俚諺lǐ yàncommon saying; folk proverb  
calligraphy里谚里諺lǐ yàncommon saying; folk proverb  
calligraphy扒屋牵牛扒屋牽牛bā wū qiān niúto sack the home and lead off the cattle (proverb); to strip of everything  
calligraphy走乡随乡走鄉隨鄉zǒu xiāng suí xiāng(proverb) to follow local customs; When in Rome, do as the Romans do.  
calligraphy臣一主二臣一主二chén yī zhǔ èrOne has the right to choose the ruler one serves. (ancient proverb)  
calligraphy冷煖自知冷煖自知lěng nuǎn zì zhīthe person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold (Zen proverb); self-awareness comes from within; to know best by personal experience  
calligraphy清官难断家务事清官難斷家務事qīng guān nán duàn jiā wù shìeven an honest and upright official will have difficulty resolving a family dispute (proverb)  
calligraphy一口吃个胖子一口吃個胖子yī kǒu chī ge pàng zilit. to want to get fat with only one mouthful (proverb); fig. to try to achieve one's goal in the shortest time possible; to be impatient for success  
calligraphy良禽择木而栖良禽擇木而棲liáng qín zé mù ér qīa fine bird chooses a tree to nest in (proverb); fig. a talented person chooses a patron of integrity  

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