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calligraphy抚摩撫摩fǔ móto stroke; to caress  
calligraphy摩挲摩挲mó suōto stroke; to caress  
calligraphy脑溢血腦溢血nǎo yì xuècerebral hemorrhage; stroke  
calligraphy脑卒中腦卒中nǎo cù zhòngstroke; cerebral hemorrhage  
calligraphy笔锋筆鋒bǐ fēngthe tip of a writing brush; vigor of style in writing; stroke; touch  
calligraphy卒中卒中cù zhòngstroke; cerebral hemorrhage  
calligraphy脑充血腦充血nǎo chōng xuèstroke; cerebral hemorrhage  
calligraphyto feel with the hand; to touch; to stroke; to grope; to feel (one's pulse)  
calligraphyto comfort; to console; to stroke; to caress; an old term for province or provincial governor  
calligraphy铃声鈴聲líng shēngring; ringtone; bell stroke; tintinnabulation  
calligraphy机遇機遇jī yùopportunity; favorable circumstance; stroke of luck  
calligraphy一举一舉yī jǔa move; an action; in one move; at a stroke; in one go  
calligraphy抚摸撫摸fǔ mōto gently caress and stroke; to pet; to fondle  
calligraphy一网打尽一網打盡yī wǎng dǎ jìnto catch everything in one net (idiom); to eliminate at one stroke; to solve the problem at one fell swoop  
calligraphy轻抚輕撫qīng fǔto stroke lightly; to caress  
calligraphy磨蹭磨蹭mó cengto gently stroke; to brush lightly; to move slowly; to dawdle; to dillydally; to pester; to nag  
calligraphy口诀口訣kǒu juémnemonic chant; rhyme for remembering (arithmetic tables, character stroke order etc)  
calligraphy笔触筆觸bǐ chùbrush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy; brushwork; style of drawing or writing  
calligraphy败笔敗筆bài bǐa faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting; a faulty expression in writing  
calligraphy竖直豎直shù zhívertical; to erect; to set upright; vertical stroke in Chinese characters; young servant (old)  

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