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calligraphy自我安慰自我安慰zì wǒ ān wèito comfort oneself; to console oneself; to reassure oneself  
calligraphy自慰自慰zì wèito console oneself; to masturbate; onanism; masturbation  
calligraphy足以自慰足以自慰zú yǐ zì wèito have sufficient to console oneself (idiom)  
calligraphy望梅止渴望梅止渴wàng méi zhǐ kělit. to quench one's thirst by thinking of plums (idiom); fig. to console oneself with illusions  
calligraphy聊以自慰聊以自慰liáo yǐ zì wèijust to console oneself (idiom)  
calligraphy表现自己表現自己biǎo xiàn zì jǐto express oneself; to give an account of oneself; to project oneself; to show off  
calligraphylàoto console  
calligraphy蝉蜕蟬蛻chán tuìcicada slough; fig. to free oneself; to extricate oneself from  
calligraphy磨练磨練mó liànto temper oneself; to steel oneself; self-discipline; endurance  
calligraphytóuto cast; to send; to throw oneself (into the river etc); to seek refuge; to place oneself into the hands of  
calligraphy自个儿自個兒zì gě r(dialect) oneself; by oneself  
calligraphy卖身賣身mài shēnto prostitute oneself; to sell oneself into slavery  
calligraphyquànto advise; to urge; to try to persuade; to exhort; to console; to soothe  
calligraphy自况自況zì kuàngto compare oneself; to view oneself as  
calligraphyto comfort; to console; to stroke; to caress; an old term for province or provincial governor  
calligraphy自个自個zì gěoneself; by oneself  
calligraphy摆脱擺脫bǎi tuōto break away from; to cast off (old ideas etc); to get rid of; to break away (from); to break out (of); to free oneself from; to extricate oneself  
calligraphy翻身翻身fān shēnto turn over (when lying); (fig.) to free oneself; to emancipate oneself; to bring about a change of one's fortunes  
calligraphy解脱解脫jiě tuōrelief; to free oneself; to break away from; to extricate oneself; to relieve; to liberate; to emancipate; free; relieved  
calligraphy反省反省fǎn xǐngto reflect upon oneself; to examine one's conscience; to question oneself; to search one's soul  

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